Advice for first semester

So I really was horrible about keeping up with this blog throughout the school year.So to make up for it I thought I’d write some helpful hints for first semester.

1.Utilize the facebook group..with some degree of restraint. 

Yes I know it seems weird that I’m saying going on facebook will help you with school but it’s true. Or at least it was for my semester. People post questions scan helpful pictures,quizlets, and games and overall people are generally helpful. We’re all in it together and it’s important to remember that.Now don’t go overboard and ask people simple questions that can be googled like what the name of female donkey is. But asking what topics our professors said we should focus on or a disorder that you just don’t quite understand, are very reasonable questions. First semester is crazy, we don’t have that great of an idea of what we’re doing in terms of banking, phones, or the island in general, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2. Student Apps.

It is your friend and you should definitely sift through this online library of TA notes, class presentations and general helpful hints.  A lot of the TAs utilize it when it comes to posting old exams or their own presentations for their sessions. It’s very helpful if you want certain things explained from a different angle. 


In first semester we are lucky enough to have 1-3 TAs per subject. And most of the time they’re great. If you are having trouble with any subject many are available for emails and questions and really have insight on what the professors are looking for when testing your knowledge. More importantly you use them at your own discretion. If you get anatomy 100% then don’t see an anatomy TA. But if you don’t understand one section of Nutrtiton, just go the session pertaining to your particular session. As semester progress we see less and less TAs and its important to take advanatage of them while we can.

4.Campus Living

Isha Webster knows everything.If you’ve been accepted into Ross you know her as the person responding to all your emails.Not only that but she has everyone’s name memorized so don’t be surprised when she spots and greets you before you introduce yourself. She lives on campus and will be there to help whether it be flooding at 2am or refilling your laundry card.

5.Enjoy the island

Yes it is going to be different and there are definitely some things that will be severely missed .However you live in paradise, so take a beach break every once in a while.Be friendly to locals and understand that developing patience is always going to be a helpful trait!

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